Winter in Telemark is good for your soul

There is something special and unique over these soft and calm shapes, the white duvet that Mother Nature has pulled over the landscape. A pure satisfaction for the eyes. A calming effect on the Read more

Some call it loneliness. I call it freedom. Some call it bad weather. I call it the beauty of nature.

It really depends on the eyes and how far you’ve drifted from your own roots. We all are created to live in nature, we just have learned to build houses that are so fantastic, that we don’t have to do shit anymore. And that, over time, transforms humanity. I was there myself. Read more

VLOG 001 – Fantekjerringkollen

Represented Norway on a 300km polar expedition over the arctic tundra

This is the full video from my expedition, 300km over the arctic tundra together with 28 wonderful people from all over the world. I hope you’ll enjoy this movie and subscribe to my YouTube channel. For photos, please check out my Instagram where I have posted all photos from the expedition and where I always post first! Read more

New partnership with Ulvang

I’m very excited to tell you all that I’ve teamed up with the amazing brand Ulvang. I’ve always loved my RAV woolen jersey and for me to partner up with a brand that I love that much is just Read more

Spending quality time with mini-polar

Mamma went away for the weekend so Alexandra and I where home alone. Wuhuu!! Quality tiiiime!! We went for long walks, went to the shopping mall where we found a new Swix hat we had to buy. A real norwegian girl owns a Swix hat! So adorable! Saturday was spent mostly shopping and drinking fresh orange juice at the shopping center (Alexandra’s favorite). Later when we got home, we made a foam bath and had a lot of fun.  Read more